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Most Disappointing College Football Teams in 2016

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With the college football season over some teams performed and other teams were a disappointment. They did not live up to expectations and the coaches did not earn their paycheck. These are the most disappointing teams in college football.


Notre Dame


This school is known as being one of the greatest in football. They started off the season being ranked number 10 in the entire country. Their season went downhill from there. The team ended up finishing with a record of 4-8 and did not even make it to one of the many bowl games. The people of South Bend are already getting worried about their football program.




This team held the number 5 spot in the country and they were expected to go to the championship game for the national title. The season did not start off too well. The head coach Les Miles was fired at the beginning of the season. The Tigers ended up with a record of 7-4 and a number 19 ranking.


Michigan State


The team started off with a number 12 ranking and did not have a good season at all. In the Big 10 Conference the team went 1-8 and in their overall games they had a 3-9 record. A seven game losing streak did not help the team this season either.




This team peaked with a rating of number 6 this season but things went down from there. The team ended finishing with a 9-4 mark and their coach is leaving. Herman was hired by another team. Maybe a change in staff will make next season better for the Cougars.




The teamed ended with a number 8 ranking but their lead players did not live up to expectations. Christian McCaffrey did not make the big plays like many thought he would. The team finished with a 9-3 record and did make it to the Sun Bowl. Fans are used to seeing a much better performance from Stanford.




This team reached a spot of number 7 but that did not last for long. The team ended up going 4-4 in the SEC and in their regular season they did not do much better. The team ended up 7-5. The team made it to the Liberty Bowl which for this team was a disappointment.


Ole Miss


This team has been known for great sports over the years. This season the team did not even make it to a bowl game. Ole Miss ended up finishing 5-7. Their quarterback Chad Kelly suffer a career ending knee injury this season.




This team started off the season with a number 11 spot but soon the team experienced some misfortunes in their playing ability. They went on to have a 5-7 season. Charlie Strong who is the head coach no longer has a job with this team. Herman may also have his job on the line.




This team made it to a top 10 spot in this season. They ended up going 8-4 in the season. They did end up in the top 25 but it was not what was expected.


These are some of the most disappointing teams in all of college football this year. These teams were projected to do great things and ended up short. Maybe next year with some changes these teams will be restored to their former glory.